How it works & Prices

How it works.

"Helping to make wonderful memories last."

We are confident that having our professional photographic service at your event will add to your guests' fun and entertainment.  Guests can have a lasting photographic memento, more than just a picture though, we aim to capture both mood and atmosphere, a wonderful reminder of  the great time that was had.

 All types of events can be covered. We specialise in people photography, adults or children, (informal or formal; individuals/couples/groups) and cover both weekend and evening functions.

We look to set up a portable studio and mini printing facility. We use the latest digital equipment, incorpora
ting wireless technology.  We can shoot  both "classic" (more traditional / posed/ formal) and "photobooth" (informal with props,) styles.   Pictures taken are printed on the night, using a high speed, high quality, digital printer. If this is not possible because of space, or other reason, all pictures can still be previewed and purchased from this web site, usually within 48 hours (often sooner) of the event taking place.

What we need the event organiser to arrange with the venue.

  •  A suitable space to set up our mini studio and mini-lab facility. Ideally, we ask for a space of around 20' by 20' (or larger,) though we can often manage to squeeze into a smaller space. When possible, we like to shoot "full length and fabulous."  Ideally this space should be "close to the action" so your guests don't have to walk half way round the venue to be photographed!
  • Two ordinary 13amp sockets to plug into.
  • We ask for a 6' trestle type table to be there on arrival, with table cloth, so we can  hide all our boxes beneath and keep the venue looking tidy!

To offer some privacy all image galleries are password protected which means your pictures are not on open display to every user of the World Wide Web.

Prices for Event photography.

For bona fide large charity fund raising events there may be no cost to the organisers provding space can be made available to set up our studio and printing station. For events where numbers are smaller we usually ask for an attendance fee which is returned providing we sell an agreed number of prints on the night.  If space cannot be made available at your charity event to set up our studio and printing station, then we do have to charge an attendance fee. 

For charity events, a percentage of sales taken on the night (usually 10%) may be donated back to your charity.

Please do e-mail me with the details of your event; who, what, where, when, and likely numbers attending. We provide a quality service and hope we can give a quote you are happy with.

Secure on-line credit card payment for prints is available via Paypal. Please note, you do not need a Paypal account to make a secure on line payment with your credit card. You can also pay by cheque if you prefer. Our print prices are published "up front" during the picture viewing session and not hidden until the final stage of the checkout.

As well as standard print sizes, larger print sizes are available, as well as beautiful fine art, archival quality, canvas prints. Prices on request.

Prices for Press / PR work.

For local Press / PR, no assistant, flash on camera type work, our usual commercial / business rate is £95 for the first hour, £145 for two hours, £275 half-day (4 hours,) £525 full-day (8 hours.) This includes supply of images on disc for commercial use by the customer as and when required.


We always try to operate fairly, and expect our customers to be like minded. We simply say that If you change you mind, or your event is cancelled last minute, and we are unable to get another booking for that slot, then you are required to still pay the agreed fee. Similarly in the unlikely situation that something major prevents us from attending your event (road accident, death etc.) or an incident happens that prevents us from getting any pictures (camera kit, including back up camera kit, gets stolen etc etc.) then the limit of our liability is any fee / deposit already paid, which will be returned to you with our apologies. (" In the unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation by either party or in any other circumstances, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.") 

I know a number of professional photographers and should there be a last minute problem with Yorkshire Events Photography attending I would look to find you a replacement photographer to cover your event.  (Please note, touch wood, this has never happened.)

There is no other "small print" for our event photography and we do not ask anyone to sign a contract.

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